Since August: ‘Autonomous’ Photography

Statement accompanying the upcoming exhibition mentioned in the previous post:

“The integrity of the concept of autonomy depends completely on how you define social function; […] [if/when] art eventually becomes detached from the ‘praxis of life’, it has no function other than to be art, it becomes autonomous.” - James Stevens

‘Since August’ is an ongoing compilation of ‘autonomous’ photography captured and found over the past three years.

These photographs all began as autonomous with no predetermined agenda. By a process of editing, sequencing, viewing and interpretation they have taken on varying social ‘functions’. They have become a documentation of thoughts and experiences, a comment on the nature of the human condition, and a reflection of emotive responses to specific scenes, relationships & locales.

In turn, ‘Since August’ in-avertedly questions whether any art form is truly ‘autonomous’, and whether ‘function’ is determined by artistic intention or by the reception.

Upcoming Exhibition

A series I have been working on over recent months will be exhibited at an upcoming solo show.

‘Since August’ is an ongoing compilation of autonomous photography captured over the past three years. It is a reflection of my emotive response to specific scenes, relationships & locales.

The exhibition is part of Art Around the Village and will take place in Walthamstow from 1-5PM over the weekend of the 23rd & 24th of June.

Full statement & location to follow soon.

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